Wedding Stationery


Hand painted and crafted wedding stationery always creates a sophisticated look! This bride and groom were so organised all of their wedding stationery matched their, suits, bridesmaid dresses, venue, flowers, even the bride’s hair! Red is the colour of love and passion and this wedding was fuelled on both.


Flowers and hand written quote also created for the entry of the ceremony.

seating plan

The seating plan for this big affair was mounted on a black frame painted by the groom for the special day.


We thought the frame needed some colour so some paper flowers were crafted to give the guests a taste of what was to come before they entered the venue.

To find out more about our custom wedding stationery contact us today via email or on Facebook. Thank you to Lee Paterson for the beautiful photos and the flowers depicted with the wedding rings were created by Flowers by Elly-Rose.

Posted by / April 20, 2018