Advertising and branding

When successful branding is created it generates a design that can be easily applied to a number of corporate materials and inspires a visual identity that customers can recognise.


Healthy Living Library requested crisp professional branding to get their business up and running.  A number of advertisements, flyers and posters were designed for Facebook and mail-outs to promote up and coming essential oil courses. 

Home office workspace mockup with laptop, clipboard, palm leaf, notebook and accessories. Flat lay, top view

The branding was designed and a clear style began to appear. This then enabled us to create templates for advertising that could be reused to promote courses, sales and information.


Multipurpose business cards were also designed for different target audiences. This gave the client the option to decide what would best suit their customer. One card was for bookings and one was step by step instructions on how to use their products.


To find out more about how you can create a coherent branding for your business contact us today via email or through Facebook. If you would like to contact or join an online session with the Healthy Living Library follow this link.

Posted by / April 24, 2018